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Client National Grid

Location USA

Sectors Utilities

The challenge

Two Sub-Transmission lines needed pole replacement and re-conductoring without impacting the utility's customers

A radial sub-transmission system's poles were at the end of life and at risk of failure. New poles had been in place for over five years although they could not be re-conductored without an eight-hour outage.

The utility was looking for a way to complete their capital project while not impacting their customers or their SAIDI & SAIFI metrics.

When the field operations team heard what Aggreko was providing for the one system they identified, another location with a similar load and voltage asked for help.

By bundling the jobs back to back, the utility was able to dramatically improve their productivity.

Project fact file


Deferred for 5 years


Spills and human recordable events


& SAIFI impact

The solution

Providing temporary power generation to avoid unnecessary grid outages

With proven experience providing temporary power generation with no negative impact to reliability metrics, choosing Aggreko was a no-brainer for the utility.

We were able to safely provide temporary generation at 4,800V for both feeders. During the project, our engineering team ensured that the system was running flawlessly.

We maintained communication with National Grid while mobilizing, testing, running, and demobilizing the equipment. The biggest task was providing clear and concise directions with their workers, the majority of whom had never worked on similar temporary power generation projects.

The Aggreko Difference

Enabled capital deployment for the utility customer’s project

The impact

Finally closing out a capital project that had been going on for years

By using Grid on Demand to maintain consistent communication with our engineers and National Grid, Aggreko was able to synchronize and return power back to the grid with zero negative impact to SAIDI &/or SAIFI.

Our quick solution enabled the utility to complete their planned project with zero Customer Minutes of Interruption and no negative impact to their customer satisfaction.

In fact, Aggreko helped the customer deploy capital for their project most efficiently while staying under budget.

“At Aggreko, we use our proven experience in temporary power generation to complete projects and save money."

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