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Cooling and power rental for our Caribbean customers

Sustainable, Reliable Cooling And Power Rental For Our Caribbean Customers


In any weather. At any time. We’ll provide power and temperature control you can rely on.

Unrivaled international experience. Deep local knowledge. And a passion for helping Caribbean organizations thrive.

Temperature control and power generation look a little different for every industry in the Caribbean. Each member of our technical team knows their sector in detail, so they’re perfectly positioned to help you find a solution that better suits you.


It does it take to get Caribbean businesses the power and temperature control they need to thrive?

In our experience, it takes local expertise. So, we’ve built a technical team that understands the challenges that Caribbean organizations face, and how to fix them.

And it takes passion for getting customers sustainable, reliable equipment when they need it. That’s why we work around the clock to get you the power and cooling you need faster.

From cruises, and airports to refineries, manufacturing plants and utility companies, we’ve helped organizations across islands and industries get vital equipment when they need it.

But every project is different, so we listen first and then design a system around what you need most. Whether that’s a one-ton generator, a complete power and temperature control system, or something in between.

And, however long your project lasts, we’ll keep a close eye on our equipment to make sure it’s always performing efficiently and safely.

How do we support your sector?

Building services and construction

Tight budgets and even tighter deadlines mean it’s essential to get equipment online quickly. We’ll deliver power and temperature control fast to keep your people and your projects moving.


Our experienced utility engineers understand power plants and grids inside out, so they can get you up and running as fast as possible when the power goes out.

Food & Beverage

We’ll help keep your food and beverage processes in peak condition with a large fleet of food-grade temperature, power, cooling and moisture-control equipment.


Our tailored packages help customers keep their ships moving and in tip-top condition. With power, heating and cooling equipment, we’ll help you save time, reduce costs and keep your people safe.


We’ve been behind the scenes at some of the world’s most exciting events, keeping the lights powered and the temperature perfect for attendees.

Petrochemical and Refining

When you’re facing tight turnarounds and aging equipment challenges, we’ll provide the expertise and equipment you need to keep your plant safe, productive and efficient.

Oil and Gas

From construction and commissioning to production, cold-stacking, and decommissioning, we’re the best in the world at getting oil & gas companies the equipment they need.


We’ve got you covered with ARM (Aggreko Remote Monitoring)

We always want to know that our equipment is running in peak condition.

With Aggreko Remote Monitoring, you get a highly skilled team of technicians remotely tracking the performance of your equipment 24/7. If they notice a potential issue, they’ll proactively alert you and provide support and advice to help you prevent downtime.

Read more about our remote monitoring service

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