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Client TV Network

Location Maine, USA

The challenge

Keeping a TV crew warm in outdoor temperatures of -15°F 


Outdoor temperatures are uncontrollable and unpredictable, but despite the weather, the show must go on. For one TV network covering a major football game, the freezing winter weather came rolling in and posed a major challenge for production. The network found they couldn’t fit production trucks inside the stadium, so the only other option left would be to set up tents for their crews within the stadium. But with an open stadium and a wind chill of -30°F, it would be a struggle to keep their team warm and safe. 

They turned to Aggreko to come up with a winning game plan. 


Project fact file


BTUs Of heat


Outside temperature


Savings compared to electricity usage

The solution   

A hot water-based system, perfectly spread across the space

Electric heat would have been extortionate, and propane heaters could be potentially dangerous with so many people around, so we came up with a hydronic solution. 

Our hydronic heating solution would use hot water to heat the two massive tents through fan coils and the air handlers scattered around them would evenly distribute the heat throughout the area. We provided five hydronic heaters, which had an output of 200,000 BTU of heat each, air handlers, fan coils and all the necessary cabling for connections.


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Our Difference

The impact

Comfortable conditions, even when the weather took a turn

Despite outside temperatures falling to -15°F and a wind chill, on some days, of -30°F, our hydronic system kept the two media tents at a safe and comfortable 75°F. Even better, by using hot water rather than electricity, we were able to provide the customer with significant cost savings nearing $80,000 and lowering their total operating costs. And just as important, they were able to continue production in any weather conditions.

“Aggreko was very proud to be part of one of the largest-scale live game production in history”

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