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Using battery power to reduce the costs and emissions at a major sporting event

Client: International golf tournament

Location: South Carolina, USA

Sectors: Events

The Challenge

Cleaner, cheaper power

This golf tournament is one of the most significant events on the sporting calendar. It takes place in a different location every year and requires reliable power in the build-up to and throughout the week- long event.

We have been providing power for this tournament for the last two decades. As a trusted long-term partner, we regularly review the setup and requirements to ensure the most efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly solutions are in place.

In this instance, we wanted to help them utilize the latest battery technology that would help them reduce both costs and emissions while still giving them complete, reliable energy coverage.

Key Facts

Batteries 3 x 30 kVA
Reduction in diesel generator usage 90%
Fuel costs saved per week $2000 Dubai Desert Classic

The Solution

Cutting-edge battery power technology alongside traditional generators

We identified two areas where the customer could make use of battery power – a security office that required 24/7 power and a larger office used for the general administration of the tournament.

A total of three 30 kVA batteries were installed alongside the generators that were previously used for the tournament. This would allow the facilities to be powered mainly by batteries, with the generators only kicking in when the batteries needed to recharge.

We also installed our remote monitoring solution to deliver full telemetry information on all the equipment. This enabled us to see the exact status of each battery and its charging condition and pre-empt any potential issues before they caused a problem.

The Impact

Minimum generator usage, maximum fuel savings, and low emissions

The batteries were able to provide the vast majority of the required power to the sites and took just three and a half hours to recharge. This meant that the generators only needed to run for around nine to 10 hours per week during these charging periods.

This provided fuel savings of approximately $2,000 per week over the four months they were rented. And as the generators were being used much less, they didn’t need to be serviced at all during the rental period, delivering more savings to the customer. Our remote monitoring service ensured we could proactively fix any issues and guarantee the effective performance of the equipment throughout the rental period.


24/7 Diesel power

Fuel costs of over $2,500 per week

Regular generator maintenance


Majority of power provided by batteries

Fuel costs reduced by $2,000 per week

No generator maintenance is required