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Power restored within one hour of failure

Power restored within one hour of failure

Client: Industrial manufacturer of abrasives and ceramics

Location: Port Elizabeth, NJ

Sectors: Manufacturing

The Challenge

Bringing the power back immediately

For many manufacturers with aging facilities there’s typically little to no investment for equipment upgrades, allowing for potentially catastrophic outages. When the transformer for a major New Jersey abrasive ceramics plant failed, they were faced with the prospect of a two-week shutdown. For a facility that usually runs 24/7 to meet its customers’ demands, this was simply not an option. The plant needed a way to safely get up and running fast without compromising their production deadlines.

Key Facts

Generator provided 4 MW
Auxiliary tanks 1,240 gal
Of electrical cabling 4 miles
Power restored within one hour of failure

The Solution

Mobilization of backup power within the hour

We received the customer’s call at 4pm, and by 5pm we had consulted with them, designed a solution that addressed all their concerns, and had a temporary 4MW power plant ready to go out to the plant site. We quickly mobilized the equipment, and overnight we set everything up to feed power directly into the plant’s common bus. By the next morning, they were back in business. With our expert technicians on-hand around the clock, we ensured there was no additional delays beyond the initial transformer failure.

“Aggreko's expert team can handle anything the year throws at you”



The Impact

Barely a hiccup in plant production

Rather than grinding to a halt for two weeks as the customer waited for a replacement transformer, the plant was back to full speed by the next day, suffering only a slight loss in productivity despite a major emergency. For the customer, this meant no major downtime, product loss, capital expenditure and most importantly, no loss of revenue.

Power restored within one hour of failure