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Driving operational efficiency to support an oil and gas pipeline

Driving operational efficiency to support an oil and gas pipeline

Client: A leading oil and gas company

Location: Central Texas, USA

Sectors: Oil and Gas

The Challenge

Addressing power efficiency at a pipeline pump station

When a utility company needed some extra power to meet the growing needs of an oil and gas company’s pipeline pump station, the risk of a significant drop in operational efficiency became imminent.

The shortfall was more than a temporary inconvenience for the oil and gas company – it posed a threat to their operational continuity and bottom line.

With millions of dollars per day of losses at risk, the utility company needed to make sure there was no room for error, meaning the need for a swift and efficient solution was paramount.

That’s when they turned to Aggreko, their trusted partner in temporary power solutions, to keep the pipeline pump station operating at full capacity.

Key Facts

Operational capacity restored 100%
Barrels of product pumped per hour 20,000-23,000
Seven natural gas generators 1.3 MW
A swift and efficient temporary power supply

The Solution

A swift and efficient temporary power supply

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, as well as the potentially huge economic impact of a pause in operations, Aggreko’s team of experts swiftly responded.

The answer came in the form of a comprehensive temporary power supply solution to bridge the utility gap.

This solution consisted of seven 1.3 MW natural gas generators, a backup battery pack, step-up transformers, and mediumvoltage switchgears.

The generators were powered by a virtual pipeline of liquefied natural gas, which was a more cost-effective and ecofriendly option compared to a diesel solution.

Aggreko’s plan involved not just the provision of power units, it also involved providing a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for the site. This allowed for an integrated approach that considered logistics, installation, and operational support.

By stepping in with a responsive and robust solution, Aggreko successfully maintained operational efficiency and kept the station pumping.

In alignment with Aggreko’s steadfast Greener Upgrades dedication to emissions reduction, particularly within the context of backup power solutions, we have implemented a battery system as a substitute for a conventional 60 kW generator.

The Impact

Ensuring operational efficiency amid power shortages

Our team of experts worked hard to meet the brief by providing a stable power source that allowed the client to maintain operations at 100% efficiency.

The temporary power supply filled the utility gap, but also demonstrated how proactive, agile, and responsive power management can save millions.

This power solution went beyond merely averting a crisis – itv showcased Aggreko’s commitment to being a reliable and responsive partner, capable of meeting and overcoming challenges in even the most demanding circumstances.

Although the backup power was never utilized on the project, if it would had been the adoption of the battery system in lieu of the 60 kW generator, the reduction in emissions, would had been a decrease of more than 1.22 kg CO2/kWh.

Ensuring operational efficiency amid power shortages


  • Utility power shortfall causing considerable operational disruption
  • Inability to operate pipeline pump station at full capacity


  • Successful bridging of the power gap, ensuring seamless operations
  • Pipeline pump station restored to 100% operational capacity