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Power on Demand

Power automation delivers booster pump cost savings

Client: Exploration and production (E&P) company

Location: West Texas, USA

Sectors: Oil and Gas

The Challenge

Providing power only part-time in a remote area

The process of moving produced oil from the wellhead to gathering facilities requires pipeline booster pumps. In remote locations where utility power is unavailable, the most cost-effective choice for powering these pumps is a generator. However, running a generator nonstop to support equipment only required intermittently can be inefficient and expensive, wasting fuel and producing unnecessary emissions — an issue that requires significant attention with the introduction of EPA-mandated Tier 4 standards.

Not to mention that generators which are continuously running also have a tendency to overheat and need more attention adding to costs for maintenance. One midstream client in West Texas needed an emissions-friendly solution, which would also turn generators on and off as needed, so they called on us.

Key Facts

Amount of time the pumps needed to operate 10 %
Special automated control system 1
Saved in six months $13,000
Power automation delivers booster pump cost savings

The Solution

A unique power automation package

To help meet objectives, our engineering team created a power automation package that enabled intermittent generator operation only when the booster pump required power. The package included a 200 kW diesel generator, a remote monitoring system, diesel fuel tank and an automated control system. The system integrated with the programmable logic controls on the booster pump to start and stop power as needed.

“No one wants to pay for more energy than they need, so our engineers will work with you to make sure you get the right level of power for your project. ”



A faster, more cost efficient system

A faster, more cost efficient system

The power automation package delivered a 60 percent reduction in both fuel expenses and diesel exhaust emissions. Annualized savings were over $16,000 for one pump site. Because operating intermittently also cuts generator runtimes which reduces carbon buildup and plugging, generator service intervals were significantly increased, reducing associated maintenance costs. In addition, the remote monitoring system transmits real-time data to Aggreko technicians, ensuring quick notification, diagnosis and proactive resolution of potential issues that could disrupt production.

Power automation delivers booster pump cost savings