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Powering a new plant during extensive delays

Powering a new plant during extensive delays

Client: Large midstream company

Location: Douglas, WY, USA

Sectors: Oil and Gas

The Challenge

Providing power to a new midstream pipeline booster station project

A large midstream company was nearly ready to take their latest natural gas processing and treating plant live. They just needed power at their booster pump station. But their utility company kept stringing them along — even when the company offered to pay for poles, lines, and installation themselves. They estimated they would be forced to wait for at least two to three months. And without a clear answer on permanent power by utilities — and with all signs pointing to a longer delay than expected — the pressure built by the day. So, they reached out to Aggreko for help.

Key Facts

Natural gas-powered generators 5x 1300 kW
Gas liquid separators 5
Remote monitoring 24/7
Continuous temporary utilities 18 months
Powering a new plant during extensive delays

The Solution

Design a temporary power solution quick

Our process engineers got to work fast. The client's booster station was important to get up and running as quickly as possible, serving residential, commercial, and industrial clients in multiple states, the plant couldn’t afford to risk shutdowns. So, we designed an N+1 solution with 24-hour remote monitoring to ensure maximum uptime. On our site visit, we determined that the plant only needed half of the power — 10mW — they estimated.

And because we could utilize the client's natural gas on site instead of diesel, our five 1300 natural-gas-powered generators saved the client a fortune. The plant had its temporary utilities solution loaded in less than two weeks after partnering with Aggreko.

The Impact

Powering their business for 18 months straight

The plant was up and running months ahead of schedule. Aggreko was able to keep the plant-powered seamlessly. Towards the end of the initial contract, the plant approached Aggreko to extend our solution by a year as their permanent utilities continued to delay.

Powering a new plant during extensive delays