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Enable Production of 250,000 barrels of oil per day with a Customized heat Exchanger Solution

Learn how Aggreko’s custom industrial cooling solution reduced oil temperature with combined chiller and heat exchanger rental system for an Oil and Gas producer in Permian Basin.

Client: Oil & Gas Producer

Location: Permian Basin

Sectors: Oil and Gas

The Challenge

Controlling produced product temperatures

Situated in the heart of the Permian Basin in New Mexico, the subsidiary of a leading oil and gas producer operates a massive central gathering facility, capable of processing a staggering 250,000 barrels of oil per day.

The company's primary challenge was regulating oil temperatures before the storage phase, preventing emissions due to oil being too hot before it is stored.

This requirement was not just seasonal but rather a constant precise due to the presence of paraffin, which required the oil to be heated. An efficient cooling solution was needed, so the company turned to Aggreko.

Key Facts

Chillers deployed 1600 tons
Heat exchangers installed 6000 ft2

The Solution

Deployed Modular Temperature Controlled Solution Utilizing Exchangers and Chillers

Addressing this unique challenge, Aggreko embarked on a mission to develop and deploy an on-site cooling system to regulate oil temperatures.

Aggreko’s team of experts analyzed the situation and devised a solution by deploying four 400-ton chillers, three 2000 sqft plate frame heat exchanger, and necessary pumps and electrical distribution that drew power from the plant's electrical utility supply.

This innovative system aimed to control oil temperatures in short- and long-term scenarios, keeping the site safe and optimally performing.

The Impact

The operator able to maintain production at full capacity

Initially, the oil temperatures hovered around 110 degrees, and the objective was to bring it down to a much safer 90 degrees.

However, the deployed cooling solution far outperformed the target by lowering temperatures to an impressive 75 degrees, significantly enhancing the safety measures.

This improvement was not a temporary relief; rather - A substantial resolution now set to stay operational for 12-15 months.

This outcome stands as a testament to the value of deploying Aggreko’s effective heat exchangers to safely and efficiently manage oil temperatures, ensuring ongoing safety and improved operations for the company.


Daily processing of 250,000 barrels of oil at high temperatures

Lack of a robust system to manage and regulate oil temperatures


Efficient on-site oil temperature regulation, reducing from 110 to 75 degrees

Establishment of a robust and sustainable temperature control system for 12-15 months