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Client Large Refinery

Location Gulf Coast, USA

Sectors Petrochemical and refining


Emergency tower replacement

A refinery on the Gulf of Mexico took a direct hit from a hurricane. The storm severely damaged two of the plant’s large cooling towers—resulting in the refinery being unable to operate.


10 days

return to normal operations

100,000 GPM

plus of cooling tower run


A contingency plan for unexpected loss of operations

Thankfully, Aggreko had previously worked with plant personnel to develop a contingency plan for the unexpected loss of the plant’s critical cooling towers. Within hours of the storm passing, Aggreko mobilized the necessary equipment and crews to replace the plant’s damaged cooling towers.


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A return to normal operations

Within 10 days both of the plants cooling towers (totaling more than 100,000 GPM) had been replaced with the plant operating at 100 percent capacity on Aggreko’s modular cooling towers. The plant operated on the Aggreko modular cooling tower system (which was powered by Aggreko generators) until the damaged towers were repaired and placed back into service.

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