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Aggreko Remote Monitoring- Plant operations

Keeping plant operations on track with ROC

Client: A large plant owner

Location: Geismar, Louisiana, USA

Sectors: Petrochemical and refining

The Challenge

Rising temperatures

The Aggreko Remote Operations Center (ROC) was alerted to a “High Coolant temperature” alarm on a 200 KW generator, located at a plant in Geismar. Following an explosion that had destroyed the site’s electrical stations, any further outages would majorly delay efforts to restart plant operations.

This issue would potentially delay repairs to the damaged area and the expansion plan. To maintain the restart deadline, the customer required immediate technical support to be able to circumvent any additional time or power loss. The unit was providing power for several on-site facilities, including control rooms and administration buildings.

Key Facts

Generator located at the plant 200 kW
Aggreko Remote Monitoring- Plant operations

The Solution

Monitoring and diagnosing the issue

The ROC was able to monitor and proactively diagnose the status of the unit. Aggreko found that the coolant temperature was climbing above the warning set points at each spike of kW. We were then able to provide immediate technical support to circumvent any additional time or power loss.

The Impact

Keeping our cool

The technician was able to inspect the radiator and fluid to identify the issue. This avoided a possible outage due to the fluctuating coolant temperature - meaning the customer kept to its reconstruction and expansion schedule and avoided an outage.

Aggreko Remote Monitoring- Plant operations