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Batch cooling for contract manufacturing-Pharmaceuticals

Batch cooling for contract manufacturing

Client: API Manufacturing Facility

Location: Virginia, USA

Sectors: Pharmaceuticals

The Challenge

Chilled Syltherm for API manufacturing

A contract manufacturer (CMO) of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates required a low-temp chiller system to support their process expansions. One of their new manufacturing processes required Syltherm to be kept at -15 ºF and then further chilled to -19 ºF for the molecular stabilization phase in the reactor. Their existing chiller had been left idle and was unrepairable, so they needed a solution to get production up and running as soon as possible. As this process was only required for specific contracts, they wanted to avoid a large capital outlay and use a temporary solution that would allow them to take immediate advantage of the economic conditions.

Key Facts

Air-cooled chillers 2 x 420 T
Operating temperature -15°F
Capital saved $3 M
Batch cooling for contract manufacturing-Pharmaceuticals

The Solution

Air-cooled -15 ºF chillers with Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM)

Engineering experts from our Temperature Control Team carried out an initial feasibility study to design the most reliable, optimal solution. We installed 2 x 420T air-cooled -15 ºF chillers that cooled Syltherm loops at 485gpm and 890gpm to reach the required -19 ºF in the reactor. Aggreko Remote monitoring (ARM) ensured that they were alerted to any potential issues and our 24/7 support technicians gave them peace of mind that any problems would be addressed before they impacted production.

The Impact

Reliable API manufacturing and big capital savings

Thanks to the correctly sized and designed solution, along with remote monitoring and 24/7 support, the manufacturing process has operated smoothly for over three years whenever required. By choosing our rental solution, the manufacturer has been able to integrate this new manufacturing process immediately and has avoided up to $3M in capital expenditure from contract to contract.

Batch cooling for contract manufacturing-Pharmaceuticals