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Client Global pharmaceutical producer

Location Northeast, USA

Sectors Pharmaceuticals


Temperature and humidity control for laboratory

The customer wanted to renovate the laboratory space in an under-utilized building so that it could be used for the future development of biologic products. The existing roof-top air handler unit had only basic controls, but they needed a new clean room HVAC system that would meet the requirements for the biologics being used in the lab for both temperature and humidity. The temperature had to be kept within 2ºF of 68ºF and the relative humidity within 5% of 35% at all times to ensure quality control. The lead time for new permanent equipment was 9 months but they needed something in place much sooner to utilize the laboratory.


2 x 5,000 cfm


120 T

Pre-Cooling Air handler unit

35% RH

at 68F DB

Target setpoints of the Lab


Combined dehumidification and air handling

Aggreko’s temperature control engineers designed a solution that would meet all of the customer’s requirements and could be quickly implemented. We installed 2 x 5,000cfm dehumidifiers with propane burners, along with a 120T air handler unit as a pre-cooler, and propane tanks. The aggreko system also had automation controls to allow the dehumidifiers to cycle based on the RH% setpoint in the lab space. As the laboratory space required positive pressure and 100% outside air, our solution pre-treated the outside air inlet plenum of their existing roof-top air handler unit. After the initial contact from the customer, it took just 1 month to design and develop the solution. It was then installed 1 month later once the customer had prepared their site.


Temperature Control Experts who understand Pharmaceutical HVAC Requirements


Fast turnaround for new production control for laboratory

The solution was installed within 2 months, allowing the customer to make use of their renovated laboratory as soon as possible. This meant they could meet the strict GxP regulations necessary for getting research and development up and running, maximizing both productivity and profits.

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