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Powering the construction of two substations

Powering the construction of two substations

Client: Power Utility

Location: USA

Sectors: Utilities

The Challenge

A power facility needed two substations completed on time to avoid delays

A busy power facility needed two new substations built from scratch to feed a re-bar manufacturing facility — a substation for the plant, and a substation for the arc furnace. They had committed to a quick completion date for both substations. However, the plant and arc furnace had two separate completion dates. If either finished late, there would have been drastic delays to production and a hit to profits. On top of this, the power facility needed an exact calibration of the substation CT’s required. Without it, there was a risk of inaccurate consumption and billing for the end user.

Key Facts

Substations needed for a power utility 2
Emulation for 3 MVA at 13.2kV Grid
Commissioning time by 100% Improved
Cleaning a loadbank at Singapore depot

The Solution

Load bank testing during construction to keep progress on track

The utility company reached out to Aggreko to aid the construction process. We provided load on demand operation during testing. This ensured construction could be completed quickly and without a hitch. With a load bank and a trailer option for physical ease, we also provided an auxiliary power feed and a cooling fan operation. The process was carried out safely thanks to watertight logistics and continuous grid emulation for testing.

“At Aggreko, we used our proven experience in temporary power generation to improve profits and production speed while staying in budget."



The Impact

Repeatable load condition that sped up construction

The construction of both substations was completed on time with no issues. By establishing a stable, repeatable load condition, we were able to complete calibration and commissioning quickly and easily. We were also able to provide accurate billing for the power utility. As such, they could stay in budget and maximize their profit. Not only was the construction completed as it should be, but the utility company was able to ensure their end users were receiving the correct charges.

Powering the construction of two substations