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specialist suppor

Rapid deployment and specialist support helps a utilities company complete essential odorization

Client: A major gas and electric provider

Location: California

Sectors: Utilities

The Challenge

Reliable, cost-effective power, temperature control, and oil-free compressed air

Our customer, a major gas and electric provider, needed safe, reliable, and cost-efficient equipment during a planned turnaround – namely, generators to provide power to all the contractors on-site, and a complete oil-free air solution for their dry out. Getting the best equipment was crucial for ensuring a successful, on-schedule completion of maintenance.

The turnaround had to be completed within 60 days and it was vital for all the equipment to be correctly sized, guaranteeing uninterrupted power while being as cost-effective as possible. They also had a requirement for oil-free air and wanted a partner who could fully understand the application of all the equipment and how vital it is to their production processes.

Key Facts

Power installation accomplished in just 4 days 9MW
Estimated CMI avoided 1,627,140
Ensured throughout 100% uptime
specialist suppor

The Solution

A commercial natural gas generator system delivered fast, with minimal disruption

Aggreko had partnered with this supplier on many other projects – and, in the process, built a real understanding of the needs and challenges of the business. So it was only natural for the supplier to reach out to the Aggreko team for support.

And we moved fast, sending out one of our specialized rapid-deployment specialty generator packages. Weighing over 80,000 pounds in total, this commercial natural gas generator system included a 1,300 kW generator, three 500 kW load banks, a trailer, a spill container, weatherproofing, and all the cable required to link the generator up to the pipeline.

Because the pipeline was in a residential area, the gas supplier wanted to make sure the problem could be fixed without damaging the roadway. With this in mind, we used special landing gear when transporting the generator package to protect the roadway and minimize disruption for customers.

The Impact

Gas conditioning begins smoothly as the odorizer gets to work

With everything integrated into one system, our rapid-deployment generator system could be on site and ready to start burning off gas fast.

The whole deployment was supported by Aggreko’s team of experts – all of whom are trained to operate within the utilities’ industry’s safety guidelines and odorless natural gas standards set by regulatory authorities. First, two technicians helped the supplier get the equipment up and running. Then two other technicians – one of whom was an expert in natural gas – remained on site to monitor the generator’s performance. Meanwhile, Aggreko Remote Monitoring provided another level of security, allowing us to keep a close eye on the equipment to ensure it was running reliably and efficiently at all times.

With Aggreko’s superior technology and expert support, the supplier had the power they needed to safely burn off gas from the pipeline – and get their pipeline back online without delay.

specialist suppor



  • Odor fade puts compliance at risk
  • Rapid action is needed to meet regulations
  • But a powerful generator is needed to burn off excess gas from the pipeline safely and efficiently


  • Aggreko provided the generator the supplier needed on site just when they needed it
  • With everything included in one temporary package, it was easy to get up and running
  • Gas conditioning could begin without delay – getting the pipeline back online faster