18 Jul 2017

Aggreko Remote Monitoring

Aggreko Chilles with remote monitoring

What the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t feel...

...but the business may feel it. 


It was the summer of 2013 and the city of San Francisco was hosting a major sailing tournament. Aggreko was the official power supplier of the event and we had just recently rolled out our Remote Monitoring solution. Each generator was being monitored by field-experienced technicians at our Remote Operations Center (ROC), 24/7. 

One generator was being used to power an inflatable pool attraction for event participants and spectators. Because the organizers were busy running the event, no one was checking the generators fuel levels to ensure uptime. If the generator shutdown, the attraction would have needed to closed, causing a significant loss of revenue. On top of that, major water spillage from the inflatable pool would have created a potential safety hazard and consequently, substantial damage costs. 

However, the ROC received the “low fuel” alarm from the generator and promptly sent out a fuel truck before an outage occurred. Not only did this prevent downtime or other inconveniences, but the customer was also able to schedule more frequent fuel drops based on the fuel utilization data provided.

We mean it when we say we go beyond the rental. Our fleet is equipped with our proprietary Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) system, which transmits real-time data from equipment on a customer’s site to the ROC. But we believe that just a monitoring device is not enough. That is why we have a Remote Operational Center that provides proactive monitoring by our specialists. The ROC is a unique feature only offered by Aggreko.

What are the key benefits of the ARM (Aggreko Remote Monitoring) solution? 

  • Avoid preventable failures: Early detection and prevention of potential issues means ARM customers avoid problems before they occur.
  • Maximize uptime: The ARM solution helps customers maximize efficiency. ARM enables productive work to continue — eliminating potential lost revenue and man-hours.
  • Accelerate troubleshooting: ARM software identifies potential or actual problems, allowing the Aggreko team to quickly resolve the issue remotely or, if necessary, via the responding technician.
  • Right-size equipment: Aggreko can better ensure that customers have the right size equipment for the job. Undersized equipment is likely to have performance issues; oversized equipment would mean unnecessary costs.

Remote monitoring in your hands

We don’t want our customers to be worried about the fuel levels, maintenance requirements or run hours, because we have a team of experts to do that. However, we do offer the possibility of our customers to have the data in their hands at any time. That is why there we offer the ARM app that can be downloaded on Android or Apple phones and our online ARM portal. With constant visibility to rental equipment status and notifications from the ROC, you will know if there’s a problem — and that it’s already being addressed by our experts.

Here are some of its functions:

  • View a map or list of all assets on rent
  • See the run status for all equipment 
  • Check fuel levels, battery levels, telemetry status, consumption rate, run hours, output frequency, output voltage, active power,
  • power factor and more
  • Receive notifications from the ROC
  • Search for equipment
  • Access sizing tools and calculators to help you plan your rental needs

5 reasons to consider Aggreko Remote Monitoring solution

From our viewpoint, the best way to solve problems is to avoid them. That is why we go beyond the rental and provide proactive monitoring, to make sure our customers receive an agile and efficient solution, without any surprises.  

The quick video below summarizes all the key benefits of the Aggreko Remote Monitoring solution into 5 reasons.