19 Dec 2017

Aggreko New Iberia sets a big example of how we make a difference

Aggreko participates at New Iberia's Gumbo Cook off

Aggreko New Iberia sets a big example of how we make a difference

Our service center in New Iberia is one of the most community-oriented locations in the United States. The team there has always participated in charity events -supporting different causes each year. We interviewed some people to better understand how they promote a community-oriented spirit all year long. 

Terry Dressel, Vice President of Operations, has been with Aggreko for almost 25 years.  When asked about a highlight from 2017, he said “I thought this year’s Patriot’s Day event was extraordinary.  We had military veteran employees talk about their time in the armed service and we had a proper flag raising event.  It made me proud to be part of Aggreko and proud to be an American”. 

Rusty Sanner, Business Development Manager, is also part of the Aggreko family for quite a long time: 14 years. He says he is very happy to work for a company that recognizes the importance of being involved in the local community. “There is a great sense of pride and a feeling of family here in New Iberia and we all are very proud to be involved in many community activities.  It’s a great feeling to attend a community event yourself or have a friend/family member/customer attend an event and tell you that they saw Aggreko there supporting the community”.

Mary Landry, Executive Secretary, is a key person in New Iberia who brings everyone together for these types of events.  In Terry’s own words, “the success of the programs is entirely dependent upon our volunteers.  People like Mary and many others put a lot of effort into these things.  They do it because they care and their passion is clearly obvious before and during each event”. Mary says that, since 2011, they’ve formed a committee to better organize the very busy calendar of events related to their community.  Twice a year the committee gets together to come up with a schedule of events and donations that add up to more than 40 activities throughout the year. 

They came up with a very interesting way to raise money for the charities. It’s called Jean Day and it works like this: every Wednesday employees who want to dress business casual, donate 15 dollars to a common pot. The money raised goes each month to a specific charity. 

Besides the Jean days, there are also activities for employees to be more connected each month, like Family Fun Day or Tech Appreciation Day. But one that really stands out and promotes team spirit is the Gumbo Cook-off. Each year the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce hosts the World Championship Gumbo Cook-Off, on the second weekend of October. This is a three day event, with the gumbo competition happening on Sunday. About one-hundred teams gather to cook different gumbo recipes. Visitors can try as many gumbos as they want among the professional and amateur cookers. The Aggreko team has a history of success at the Gumbo Cook-off and everybody is committed to delivering a delicious bowl of Cajun goodness. 

Terry and Rusty agree that the cook-off is their favorite event every year. They say that the roux (flour and oil mixture) must be cooked onsite and all cooking starts at 6am sharp with judging beginning at 11am. “It’s great to see the commitment of everyone, “according to Rusty. “The proceeds raise money for the New Iberia Chamber of Commerce which promotes economic development and fosters a good business environment within Iberia Parish”.

It’s also worth mentioning that the New Iberia team promotes three annual blood drives. Terry is very proud of the great participation rate that allow us to help those in need. 

The New Iberia service center is a big example of how we can make a difference to the communities around the world. From the people we hire, to the services we provide – we do things with a passion that sets us apart. It all goes ties together with our mission: to use our technology and expertise to make a difference to businesses and communities all over the world - now and in the future.  It’s just another example of how we go beyond the rental.  

Main Article Image Source: 973TheDawg