17 May 2018

How can a compressor help reduce in-plant emissions?

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Introducing our NEW 1600cfm Tier4 Diesel and Electric OFA Compressor Fleet

Here in North America, we’re putting a lot of focus on one element that’s always in demand: air.

In response to federal, state and local regulations, petrochemical and refining plants are increasingly looking for ways to reduce carbon emissions. While most emissions programs are geared towards the production process, plants should also look to their partners to provide options that help achieve annual emissions goals. Specialty rental companies, like Aggreko, are uniquely positioned to assist in plant emission reductions by providing the latest generation of power, cooling, heating and air utilities. To that extent, Aggreko announces its new 1600cfm Tier4 Diesel and Electric Oil-Free Air Compressor Fleet.

Why the move to Tier4?

While the environmental performance of diesel engines is constantly improving, a sizable fleet of diesel driven compressors that have been in service for over one or two decades need to be replaced. The newest diesel engines have been designed to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 Final (or Tier 4f) standards limiting particulate matter (PM), NOx and other precursors to ground-level ozone formation. For companies, such as Aggreko with extensive experience operating diesel driven compressors for several decades, the re-fleet of its compressors to meet Tier 4f regulations has been accelerated with the switch from mechanical to electronic controls, in addition to diagnostics and after-treatment systems.

What Enhancements does Tier4 engines provide?

Electric driven compressors are the primary compressed air source in many industrial and commercial projects, but diesel engine driven compressors will continue to provide an added layer of flexibility for projects where access to the electric grid is limited. Although the mechanical assembly of the diesel engine has remained basically the same on Tier 4f compliant diesel driven air compressors, the after-treatment and related electronic controls are relatively new for most engine manufacturers. 

More specifically, As per EPA Tier 4, 40 CFR Subpart IIII, Section 4219 affecting compressors and the engine that powers it compels designs with advanced engineering and cost-effective features with integrated engine electronics for performance and diagnostics. The onus is therefore on using less horsepower to deliver the same amount of air. By running the engine driving the compressor at a lower speed, larger rotors are generally required on the air end, and they are turned at a slower speed. 

Slower speeds generally allows for a lower horsepower engine rating. Compressor manufacturers have incorporated unique fuel saving systems to electronically regulate engine speed and the air inlet valve to optimize fuel consumption. For example, certain diesel engine manufacturers have recently reported advancements in technology with improved rotor efficiencies to deliver more air with the same horsepower required. 

To meet the Tier 4f level of emissions regulations, most diesel engine-compressor units will use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology that injects a non-toxic liquid-reductant agent through a special catalyst into the exhaust stream of a diesel engine. The reductant source is mainly highly purified urea, otherwise known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF: 67.5% urea: 32.5% water). The DEF sets off a chemical reaction that converts nitrogen oxides (NOx) into nitrogen, water and very small amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is then expelled through the engine’s exhaust. The biggest issues with deployment of SCR technology are the cost to refill the DEF tank on a regular basis.

Why not just go fully-electric with the OFA fleet?

Considering the layers of technology needed to make Tier 4f diesel engines compliant, this begs the question as to why not expand the mobile compressor fleet using pollution-free electric compressors? Their range of advantages includes less moving parts to be concerned with, and therefore require much less maintenance than diesel compressors.

They are also easier to connect on-site, and may be considered more efficient than Tier 4f diesel driven compressors, especially with long-term projects. While Aggreko is expanding its electric fleet with new 1600cfm compressors, without access to the utility grid or house power, none of these bespoke attributes are available to the project. 

Many in-plant projects have come to rely on temporary power more frequently due to limited grid access. To complicate plans for supplying compressed air for projects without grid access, the sizable fleet of diesel driven compressors available for projects with limited electric sources may not be permitted by project owners concerned with meeting compliance requirements. For example, certain markets such as California are requiring new diesel engines to be Tier 4f compliant, whether for driving generators, compressors, and related machinery (e.g., desiccant dryers). 

In other cases with available grid access, projects calling for multiple compressors to drive air tools may nonetheless require Tier 4f diesel compressors because not enough electricity is available support the load required for the desired amount of electric compressors. For example, Aggreko has been involved in projects where 30 compressors were required. This included 20 diesel-driven compressors and 10 electric compressors.
Safer environments and better-running, more reliable equipment: That’s 100% oil-free air from Aggreko.

Our New Fleet

Available today, Aggreko now offer’s a new line of CARB and EPA-certified Tier4 final diesel and electric compressors, beginning with our 1600cfm models. 

1600cfm Oil-Free Air, Tier4 final Diesel Compressor

Air Compressor 1600 cfm Low Pressure Diesel 4-Final-2-lg

Features and Benefits

  • 100% oil-free, ISO class 0 air out
  • Delivers 1600cfm at air pressures to 55-150psi
  • 617 HP Tier4 final MTU engine
  • 1200-1800 RPM torque range, fixed or variable engine speed option for great fuel efficiency
  • 325 Gallon Fuel Tank with 22GPH consumption – longer run-times, fewer fuel deliveries
  • Hydraulic driven cooling fans and Air-cooled inter/aftercooler for increased performance and reliability
  • Wheel mounted/drawbar turntable suspension for easy in-plant transportation
  • 24/7 remote monitoring by trained technicians
  • EPA and CARB certified
  • Made in the USA

1600cfm Oil-Free Air, Electric Compressor

1600 Diesel Compressor

Features and Benefits

  • 100% oil-free, ISO class 0 air out
  • Delivers 1600cfm at air pressures to 55-150psi
  • 400HP, TEFC Motor
  • NEMA4 electrical rating
  • 110F Limiting Ambient Temperature
  • Stainless steel air piping
  • High efficiency moisture separator
  • 24/7 remote monitoring by trained technicians
  • Fork-lift pockets for easy movement
  • Made in the USA

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