27 Sep 2018

Aggreko Unveils New Fuel Efficient, 100% Oil-Free Air Compressor Fleet


As global energy markets undergo significant transition, Aggreko launches a new line of CARB and EPA-certified Tier 4 Final diesel and electric compressors compliant with the toughest emissions standards in North America

HOUSTON - Aggreko plc unveiled today a new fleet of 100% oil-free air (OFA) compressors for industrial and commercial applications. 

Compressed air is used in multiple industries and process applications, from heavy industries like petrochemical plants, manufacturing, steel mills and oil refineries to industries as diverse as food and beverage, agriculture, health care, pharmaceuticals and electronics. 

100% oil-free air provides a vital support component for these industries’ processes to maintain a safe, clean working environment and smooth-running, reliable operations.  

“As global energy markets change, the challenges our customers face around limiting emissions and accessing reliable utilities are becoming ever-more complex. Aggreko’s commitment to evolve our oil-free air compressor line ensures our customers can deliver their highest standard performance, with the peace of mind they are running a viable solution that includes the latest emissions reduction technology” said Terry Dressel, VP of Central Operations, Aggreko North America.       

Aggreko offers CARB and EPA-certified Tier 4 Final (Tier 4F) diesel and electric oil-free air compressors beginning with the 1600 cfm models. The Tier 4F diesel engine provides a significant increase in run time, reliability and fuel efficiency with extended service intervals. This results in lower fuel and maintenance costs and longer uninterrupted runtimes for customers.  The electric compressor is built with totally enclosed, fan-cooled motors allowing it to be used in a wide array of locations, both industrial and commercial.

The new oil-free air compressors, assembled in the USA, are compliant with the toughest emissions standards in North America, feature ISO class 0 air out and deliver 1600cfm at air pressures to 55-150psi. 

“Aggreko’s certified 100% oil-free air compressors, air drying, and air cooling equipment provide customers with the clean air needed to protect equipment, products, and the safety and comfort of their employees”, said Fernando Arce-Larreta Aggreko, Head of OFA.

“In industries where downtime can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per day, customers can be assured that Aggreko will quickly deliver the exact system they need, while minimizing and eliminating the risks airborne oil and contaminants can cause to their valuable revenue-generating processes,” he added. 

Available for short or long-term needs, Aggreko’s 100% oil-free air equipment is now in operation. Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) is provided on all Aggreko compressed air equipment. The units provide operating parameters to the Remote Operations Center (ROC) where teams of field-experienced engineers and technicians monitor compressor performance 24/7 and are ready to respond to potential problems immediately. Performance data, alerts and service information are available to customers via an ARM smartphone app. 

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