25 Jan 2019

Expanding Profitability for the Food and Beverage Sector

spain seville tomato factory

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At any manufacturing plant, maintaining production level is a top priority. However, it’s inevitable that these plants will need to upgrade or maintain their equipment at some point. But a planned shutdown doesn’t mean shutting down the entire plant. When the time comes to switch off power, cooling, chilling and dehumidification systems, it is crucial to carefully consider who to partner with, in order to keep production running. 

Food and beverages, one of the largest manufacturing sectors, is also one of the top five consumers of fuels and power in North American manufacturing. With a wide range of different products and processes, facilities of any size must avoid constrains on production by thermodynamic limitations. 

Moreover, high precision temperature control in food and beverage manufacturing needs to sustain productivity, ensuring that the product reaches each stage of the production process in precise and repeatable conditions.

In this white paper, you’ll read about the importance of advanced planning and coordination to achieve the desired engineering and business objectives in a cost-efficient manner during a shutdown – either a planned or an emergency one. 

Through real-life examples, learn about extended seasonal freezing to meet demand and increase profitability, warehouse expansion without production lost, and how to minimize emergency halts in production. 


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