15 Sep 2021

5 Little-Known Ways to Drastically Improve Efficiency at Your Plant

5 little-known ways to drastically improve efficiency at your plant

Take a moment to think about the most frustrating pain point at your manufacturing plant.

You know, that particular thing that always annoys you. A machine that’s past peak condition, perhaps? An HVAC unit that keeps malfunctioning? An illogical process you wish was more streamlined?
Whatever it is, our guess is that it causes delays, right? That it pushes up costs, or limits productivity, impacting on your bottom line?
We’re also willing to bet that, whatever it is, it can be made more efficient. 

 … But how?

Before we get to that, here’s another question for you: what do you think of when you hear the term “temporary utilities”?
Something to give you a boost during periods high demand? Extra heating for the winter months? A way to get back on your feet quickly in an emergency shutdown? Perhaps even to keep production going during routine maintenance or a complete shutdown?
Sure, all of these are common use cases. What you might not know is that, used right, temporary utilities become a secret weapon for boosting efficiency at your plant.
Here are just some of the ways this works:

  1. Beating seasonal challenges. Do high ambient temperatures in summer or cold winter weather impact on your equipment functions? Temporary heating, cooling or dehumidification can get you up to full productivity year-round, without investing in permanent equipment. 
  2. Fixing process bottlenecks. Do things back up at a certain point in the chain? Are you limited by machines or production areas overheating, or by impurities in the air, when you get up to full speed? Bringing in a temporary kit will take the load off and allow you to map out a more efficient system without a complete shutdown.
  3. Identifying failing or under-performing equipment. Sometimes it’s too expensive to shut off the machines for long enough to take a step back and figure out where things are getting sluggish. Switching seamlessly to a backup solution lets you do that with zero loss of revenue.
  4. Switching to more cost-effective power. Is your manufacturing facility as energy-efficient as it could be? If not, it may well work out cheaper to switch to super-speedy, highly efficient rental equipment until you can budget for an upgrade.
  5. Testing out a solution design. Bringing your plant up to maximum efficiency will likely take significant capital expenditure in the long term. That’s a big risk and you need to be certain it will work exactly as planned. Testing and tweaking a temporary solution first means you can invest in this with confidence.

Identifying problems, designing a solution and implementing this with temporary utilities is the fastest way to get your plant up to full productivity.  

If you work with a dedicated and experienced team like Aggreko Process Services, this also means that you’ll have a complete paper trail, detailing each and every technical, regulatory and safety element of the solution. Not only will you figure out how to make every part of your plant more efficient, but you’ll also have an incredibly efficient roadmap if you decide to opt for a permanent solution in the future, too.

Download the Infographic PDF:

5 ways to improve efficiency Infographic



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