02 Jul 2019

Comfort Cooling and Worker Safety in Hot Work Spaces

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Summer is around the corner, bringing with it the prospect of warm sunshine and high temperatures. While this might bring you out in a warm glow, extreme heat can spell disaster for your plant and its workers. 

Think about it: a heatwave can strike at any moment, with temperatures soaring and humidity reaching unmanageable highs. What would this mean for your equipment? Would these conditions mean your products get damaged? Would it mean your team would start to suffer? And what happens if disaster strikes and the air conditioning cuts out? 

Suddenly that warm weather doesn’t sound so enticing. But don’t worry, there are ways you can enjoy the hot summer without having to sacrifice your staff and processes. 

Beat the Heat This Summer

Dangerous heat levels not only cause equipment to struggle and production rates to slow down, they can also play havoc with your safety regulations. Your factory floor will have strict guidelines in place for workers, and high temperatures can mean your staff will be uncomfortable, need more breaks or, under severe circumstances, have to stop working entirely. 

Without your staff working to their best abilities, production processes will become even slower, putting pressure on your output and revenue. While hot sunshine means beach holidays, barbecues, and cocktails for most people, it could mean loss of income, damaged products, and sick workers for you and your factory. 

So, how can you avoid this? What precautions can you put in place to make sure your workers remain comfortable and happy throughout the summer months? 

Never fear, a solution is here. With comfort cooling, you can bring high temperatures back in line quickly without having to splash out on a permanent setup that goes unused for the rest of the year. 

What is Comfort Cooling?

Comfort cooling does exactly as it says on the tin - it makes conditions comfortable enough for your workers to thrive, preventing nasties like heat exhaustion and fatigue. 

The setup you use will entirely depend on what your producing, the number of workers you have on site, and the optimum conditions for your equipment, but it might include a combination of chillers, coolers, and dehumidifiers to reduce moisture and circulate cool air. 

Don’t take the risk. 

Your factory is reliant on your workers being productive, and high temperatures and stuffy conditions create the exact opposite of that. By thinking ahead and putting a system in place that’s ready to cool things down when they get too hot, your production rates will remain consistent and your workers will stay happy throughout the summer. 

Download our free Safety Tip about Heat Stress and Work Safety and be ready for the safety moment of your next meeting or presentation: 


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