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Fuel Tank 800 gal Double-Wall Metal

Fuel tanks for rent 24/7/365

Fuel Tank 800 gal - If your company is looking for safe, reliable rental fuel tanks for your diesel generators, Aggreko’s EnviroTanks are the solution for you.

Rating 800 gal
Length (ft) 7.2
Width (ft) 5
Height (ft) 4.3
Gross Weight (lbs) 7765
Net Weight (lbs) 2143


  • Fuel Tank 800 gal
  • Available in sizes ranging from 250 to 5,000 gallons
  • Double-walled EnviroTank version



  • Most efficient and environmentally safe diesel, rental fuel tanks in the industry
  • Safe, reliable rental fuel tanks for your diesel generators
  • Our EnviroTanks are designed to virtually eliminate the possibility of an internal fuel spill, even if the fuel tank is turned over