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Air conditioner systems rental

Air conditioner systems rental

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Large-Scale Industrial Air Conditioning Rental Solutions

Whether you need rental air conditioners for movie sets, major business conferences, or an industrial workplace, such as a mine, or a construction site, Aggreko has the temporary cooling equipment you need.

Aggreko has unsurpassed experience in providing temporary air conditioning solutions for our customers. No matter when or where rental cooling is needed, Aggreko is there.

Air conditioning systems available

Industrial and commercial air conditioner rental

Our heavy-duty air conditioners are industrial-sized units that provide 100% cool, fresh air or 100% conditioned return air. All are available in sizes up to 70 tons – ideal for large spaces, outdoor events, and industrial operations like mines or oil rigs.

Our industrial air conditioner rentals are available in:

  • Sizes ranging from 1 to 70 tons 
  • Capacities for more than 12,000 cfm of 45°F air
  • A modular design in capacities ranging from 1 ton to 35 tons
  • A full range of rental temperature control accessories

Spot cooler air conditioners

For quick emergency cooling, Aggreko spot coolers provide fast relief in office and industrial spaces. They’re also an effective way to target hot spots and treat them with direct air.

HushPac air conditioning systems

In settings where low noise is a priority, Aggreko’s HushPac air conditioner rentals deliver up to 30 tons of cooling with variable-speed fans to keep the volume down. From speaking engagements to live shows, they deliver constant cooling without the noise and disruption.

  • Internal condensate pumps to remove condensation
  • Built-in variable-speed fans
  • Hot-gas bypass for low-load ambient conditions

When is temporary air conditioning rental a better fit for your operations?


From remote mines to pop-up healthcare centers, effective temperature control is critical. Overheating can have a profound effect on the physical well-being of your occupants, particularly in an emergency. Our temporary air conditioning systems and spot coolers help you keep employees and clients safe without incurring a shutdown.

Seasonal heating 

With temperatures rising on a global scale, workplaces, events, and homes face increased pressure around cooling and effective air conditioning. We’ll help you supplement existing air conditioning systems, cover outages and planned maintenance, and develop contingency plans to mitigate your risk.

Major events and conferences

For large-scale events, maintaining effective air conditioning for thousands of people comes at great expense and inefficiency. Aggreko’s event air conditioning rental enables you to get the air conditioner system you need, when you need it, without the unnecessary expense of units you don’t regularly use

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