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Hastelloy- C Crossflow Heat Exchangers

Corrosive resistant, industry leading heat exchanger

When you need high-performance heat transfer in your plant, the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger is the ideal solution.

Compact, robust, and easy to maintain, this heat exchanger is designed to help petrochemical and refinery plants maintain production rates – even during maintenance periods and emergency repairs. So, you can enhance efficiency and reduce costs easily.

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Unique and tailor-made

Made from a unique corrosion-resistant nickel alloy, the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger is designed for applications in petrochemical plants, refineries, and complex chemical contexts. Unlike other heat exchangers on the market, this material allows for higher resistance to a wide range of corrosive chemicals and gasses.

The composition of the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger enables it to meet unique PCR applications beyond the capabilities of typical exchangers.

With the launch of the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger, Aggreko is the only solutions provider to offer a heat exchanger with this metallurgical composition for PCR customers.

Improved performance, smaller footprint

We know that space is often at a premium for our petrochemical and refinery customers.

Fitting in a temporary heat exchanger alongside an existing heat exchanger while it gets serviced can be challenging. But while using multiple smaller heat exchangers can help bridge the need when your permanent exchanger goes out, it can drive up installation and service costs and increase safety risks.

Aggreko’s powerful but compact Hastelloy-C Crossflow heat exchanger is much easier to accommodate and get the job done without the drawbacks of using multiple smaller units at once.

Key Benefits:

  • Superior resistance to a wide range of corrosive chemicals and gases
  • High-temperature resistance – maximum operating temperature of 696°F
  • Able to withstand the demands of high-pressure applications, reducing the risk of leaks and other issues
  • Compact design is ideal for sites with limited space
  • Efficient heat transfer with low-pressure drop maximizes energy efficiency
  • Reduced fouling minimizes maintenance requirements and maximizes uptime
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, including refineries, petrochemical plants, and chemical processing facilities

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