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Aggreko Process Services (APS)

Aggreko Process Services engineers

Aggreko Process Services (APS) combines the talent of senior process engineers with Aggreko’s fleet of portable equipment to create engineered solutions to enhance productivity. APS works across a full range of industries, with an emphasis on the massive and complex productivity challenges of the petrochemical refining industry.  

Aggreko formed the APS division in 1990 as a dedicated operation to apply expert process engineering to analyze and develop creative and tightly engineered solutions to solve our customers’ most intractable problems. When process productivity falls, it can be challenging to find the cause. APS process engineers have the expertise and the equipment to identify and fix process bottlenecks, inefficiencies, failing or underperforming equipment, and, above all, the high ambient temperatures that cause production and productivity to plummet. 

Coping with the heat is the most common process problem, and the petrochemical refining industry has always suffered in the summertime.  As temperatures rise, efficiency falls. High ambient temperatures and over heated process water cause process units to slow down, refining less crude and producing less gasoline, diesel and other products. As they slow, productivity and profitability slows with them.  For decades, these hot weather slowdowns were a fact of life in the industry. 

For almost three decades, APS has showed that with methodical process analysis and engineering and temporary portable cooling solutions, including Aggreko heat exchangers and chillers, refineries can operate at full capacity in the hottest weather. 




How Aggreko Process Services keep your processes productive


APS process engineering teams and project managers work in close collaboration with plant engineers and maintenance to identify the bottlenecks and specify and deploy the right equipment from our specialized rental fleet to solve the problems. 

Our eight-step, fully-documented process that ensures the best solution and engineering support from start to finish.

1. Inquiry
2. Technical response and cost estimate
3. Letter of intent
4. Onsite scoping study
5. Commercial proposal
6. Design package
7. Equipment mobilization and project management
8. After action report

The objective is to quickly identify the problems and implement a temporary solution immediately, while maintaining the paper trail that details every technical, safety and regulatory aspect of the solution. When time is money, the APS process is the fastest and most effective way to return to full productivity, as opposed to the time and expense of having an engineering firm design and implement new processes and new capital equipment.



Quickly identify your problems and implement a temporary fix as quickly as possible

The paper trail is a roadmap

In documenting every step of the process, the APS engineers not only identify critical aspects of the solution in terms of design, implementation, safety, and liability issues, but, through their analysis, provide an expert overview of your processes that can show you the way to future, long-term process improvements. 

  • Onsite Engineering Study – We work with your engineer’s onsite to define the problem and develop and review engineering approaches and equipment options to meet objectives with a cost-effective solution.
  • Process Design Package (PDP) – Once the project scope is defined and a solution selected, our PDP provides all the information required to meet Management of Change (MOC) requirements, conduct process safety reviews, operator training on the equipment, risk assessments and more.  APS also provides all the engineering data and simulations that ensure that the installed solution meets required performance criteria.
  • Project Management  APS provides on-site project management and works with your project managers to handle and oversee project installation and start-up.
  • After-Action Report – Once the project is in place, APS issues a detailed formal report outlining the project’s engineering and process-enhancement benefits, best practices, lessons learned, and our recommendations on future process improvements.  
Why Aggreko Process Services?
  • Cost Effective: Quickly return operations to full production
  • Dedicated expert engineering teams
  • Immediate access to full fleet of portable equipment
  • Fast turnaround with full documentation



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