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Power for artificial lift projects

Delivering consistent, reliable power to artificial lift projects

Infield temporary power generation is one of many areas Aggreko has been supporting oil and gas operations for decades.

For operators to take full advantage of the benefits of temporary power generation in the field, they must first be aware of the challenges in deploying this option on a large scale. They must then develop a power supply strategy in partnership with a third-party supplier that is flexible and scalable to address these challenges and meet the needs of each stage of field development. Examples of successful tactics to deploy in a power supply strategy are:

Microgrids and paralleled systems

Most wells develop one at a time giving a specific timeline of when power may need to arrive at each site to power well site infrastructure or artificial lift after wells are no longer free flowing.

In the past and even seen in areas today; operators will deploy their power needs on a per well basis, moving in temporary power to each individual location as needed. Eventually though, as the field or area develops, you begin to see multiple wells or locations powered by individual generators isolated to only powering what they were originally connected or deployed to. By continuing this strategy operators find themselves having more power installed then is required on top of having massive reliability issues due to the fact each location is now tied to a single point of failure.

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