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Rental power plants

Power plants

Powering everyday life

Without energy solutions and electricity, factories couldn’t operate, hospitals couldn’t offer life-saving operations, and communities wouldn't be able to power essential facilities.

At Aggreko, we help keep services like these running with rental power generation and power plants. Every day, we help our customers:

  • Support developing regions while local governments and utilities build their own power plants
  • Supplement the grid when storms or changing weather patterns affect hydropower, solar and wind farms
  • Respond swiftly if natural disasters leave local communities without a power system
  • Bring power to hard to reach or inhospitable locations including offshore, high altitudes, and deserts
  • Work with confidence that they have a partner they can count on, anywher

Custom power plants that meet your needs

When you need to run a large-scale operation or power an entire city, there are a lot of complex criteria to consider. Because we design, build and run our power plants, our technicians can install a multi-megawatt energy solution in weeks.

We start by working with you to find the best location for your plant. We’ll consider environmental and local regulation and create detailed plans, including 3D modeling of your proposed site.

We can also take care of any civil works, from leveling the ground and building roads to putting in drainage and laying fuel lines. All while putting safety first and working to the strictest standards, worldwide.

When we build your power plant, we supply everything including:

  • Generators, transformers and switchgear
  • Fuel management including providing fuel tanks, monitoring fuel levels, and scheduling deliveries
  • Power system control rooms, operated 24/7 by our experienced plant technicians
  • High-voltage and low-voltage power cables for your energy solution

Once your plant is set up, we can even employ and train local people to run it. And, when it’s time to shut it down, we’ll decommission the equipment, remove it from your site, and leave everything clean and clear.

Aerial shots of city sky scrapers

When a power plant goes online, there’s no better feeling in the world. Especially in remote areas where it makes a real difference to community life.

Supplementing your existing power supply

Sometimes, the demand on your power system can exceed the supply - particularly in rapidly developing regions. Renting temporary power generation equipment can make up the shortfall until you can build or replace your grid.

We’ll help you to:

  • Install distributed power generation systems and battery storage solutions
  • Cover maintenance times when your plant equipment is out of action
  • Cover peak shaving during seasonal increases in demand
  • Power areas not yet connected to the grid during infrastructure upgrades
  • Plug the gap when renewable energy solutions can’t generate enough power to meet demand - such as hydropower plants during droughts or wind farms in storm season

We can run our plants in grid mode, supplying power to your grid, or island mode for direct power generation in a single area - like a remote mining operation or oil field. What’s more, we can run our generators using the fuel source you already have in place, saving you money.

Fast and flexible from start to finish

With generators ready at our locations around the world, we can respond with an effective energy solution at short notice. We’ll deliver and install in days or weeks, depending on the amount of power you need.

Our packages are also designed to be flexible - tailored to your timeframe, location, choice of fuel, power system needs and budget. We have the right short or long-term rental for you - and the agility it takes to scale up or down as demand changes.

Explore our Power Products

Are you looking for a modular, mid-term flexible power solution?

Applications of power plants in different industries and sectors

Working with Aggreko, you get the advantage of a team that has delivered energy solutions across sectors and around the world. We understand the challenges you face - and your unique applications - and how to solve them.

Our power systems are already used to deliver large-scale event power, dependable data center power, and more. We also have a strong track record of power in demanding, hard to access environments, including petrochemical and oil refining on shore. Whatever you need, we can help.

Commercial and industrial power solutions

No matter the project, our rental services will meet your needs

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