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Health, Safety and Environment


Health, safety and the environment are always top-of-mind

Health, safety and the environment are always top-of-mind at Aggreko. Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our employees, our customers’ employees and anyone else who may be around Aggreko equipment.

Environmental stewardship also guides our business strategy. Everyone at Aggreko is committed to protecting the environment. We embrace our responsibility to minimize our impact and work tirelessly to conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner.

More than a slogan

At Aggreko, we strongly emphasize health and safety — they’re in the nature of our business. Whether we’re working in one of our facilities or yards or on your site, we’re trained and ready to work safely in unfamiliar workplaces, to prepare for unknown or potential risks, to safely set up heavy equipment, to hook up high voltages, and to work on rough terrain and in unfinished structures. Our business is to provide rapid, often urgent, responses to your business needs. We solve problems quickly, but we make certain our speed and efficiency never compromise our safety — or yours.


Safety Tips

We have developed a series of Safety Tips focused on typical worksite safety hazards. These Safety Tips offer an informative, at-a-glance training tool for your supervisors and employees to use in operational and safety meetings to reinforce the Safety for Life message. They can be printed and displayed in work areas and distributed to employees.

Our safety training is extensive and specialized for the types of jobs we take on, and the teaching never ends. We will be adding more Safety Tips over the coming weeks. Check back often for new Safety Tips to share with your team.

Click on the Safety Tip topic to open a printable PDF.


Safety is a shared responsibility

When we work with your company, we’re working as your partner, and we expect our partners to share our commitments to health and safety. So, we hold ourselves and our customers to a strict but commonsense health and safety policy:

  • Comply with all legal requirements, regulations and standards for the workplace
  • Identify hazards and eliminate or minimize the risk of exposure
  • Ensure that all employees are trained in and committed to following safety and protection protocols associated with their job, leading to a competent and assured workforce
  • Provide the right tools and equipment to carry out tasks effectively and safely
  • Empower employees to stop any unsafe work at any time through our Stop Work Authority policy
  • Regularly evaluate operations, management, and controls and continuously improve safety performance
  • Involve other suppliers and contractors in complying with these best safety practices
  • Investigate any incidents fully and apply relevant learning to safety procedures
  • Openly communicate safety issues and address them immediately
  • Maintain a safety-focused culture through continuous safety training and education

By sharing a commitment to these standards, Aggreko can provide business solutions that best meet your needs with maximum efficiency — and maximum safety.


Continuous Improvement -- Risk Identification Reporting

Continuous health and safety improvement certainly relies on a written policy, ongoing training and a relentless reinforcement of our shared responsibility. Improvement also relies on identifying what is working and what isn’t.
Aggreko has created a Global Risk Identification Reporting database where all of our risks, incidents, accidents and positive safety observations are housed electronically. Every report submitted in this system is reviewed and validated by a Health, Safety and Environment specialist. This global system allows our HSE team to trend data and share information from locations across the world. Ultimately, this information is used to develop, modify or update safety policies, preventative steps and training, leading to a safer, healthier and more environmentally responsible organization, worldwide.


We understand delivering power, cooling, heating or air takes energy. And we’re always giving thought to the environment.

Alternative fuels and energy – We’re always looking for ways to be progressive in how we approach power. Just a few of the innovations we are pursuing daily are biodiesel, reclamation and purification of excess natural gas and renewable energies such as batteries and modular solar panels.

Designing efficiency – Our expert application specialists match our equipment to the job, so you don’t waste energy on (and pay for) excess capacity.

Noise is pollution, too – Delivering our services can be noisy, but it doesn’t need to be. We’ve developed soundproof generators that reduce noise levels. At night, battery-operated hybrid power can make your operations quieter, so you don’t disturb your neighbors.


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