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1000 kW Diesel Generator Rental

Part of our rental power solutions range, this 1000 kW diesel generator rental is designed to provide reliable power whenever and wherever you need it. This industrial diesel generator is ideal for high-demand areas and is a perfect backup power solution to address temporary surges in demand.

At the same time, Aggreko goes further to make sure your power solution is always up and running – not just with a focus on quality equipment, but with constant monitoring and practical advice to help you find the diesel generator you need.

Rating 1000 kW
Min-Max Voltage 3 Ph @ 60 Hz 480
Fuel Type Diesel


  • 1000 kW of electric power generation
  • Container generators are ideal for construction and contracting.
  • Ranging in size from 800 kW to 2 MW, Aggreko’s Container rental generators feature unique synchronizing and load-sharing capabilities.
  • Low-emission natural gas generator rental options, proven to offer 40-45 percent savings compared to diesel
  • 24/7 Aggreko Remote Monitoring


  • Contain spillage - Save All containment base reduces engine fluid spillage
  • Operate quietly - Sound attenuated design, for quiet operation and minimal noise impact to surroundings
  • Run longer – Integral large-capacity UL-approved fuel tank
  • Offer improved efficiency - 45º ambient clearance resulting in efficient operation in higher ambient temperatures
  • Are clean-operating - EPA-certified engines reduce exhaust emissions
  • Load sharing – Unique synchronizing and load-sharing capabilities 
  • Proactive monitoring by Aggreko’s Remote Operations Center (ROC) to ensure maximum uptime. Customer monitoring & notifications available through Aggreko’s ARM app and portal