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Cooling Tower Applications

Cooling Tower Applications

Aggreko Cooling Tower Applications and Services

With Aggreko Cooling Tower Services, customized temporary cooling installations are closer than you think. As the industry leader in temporary utilities, Aggreko has the largest fleet of modular cooling towers, piping, pumping and rental power generation in the industry. And because our team of highly specialized personnel design and deploy your cooling tower rental system, you can cool down your circulating water while keeping productivity and profitability blazing.



Supplemental cooling - improve cooling tower performance

Cooling tower performance can be improved by diverting a portion of the hot return water from the primary cooling tower to Aggreko’s rental towers, the water loading to the primary tower is reduced. The diverted water is cooled by the rental towers and returned to the basin of the primary tower. The combination of the extra capacity of the rental tower and the reduced water flow to the primary tower results in colder water temperatures. In many cases it is possible to achieve a 5 degree reduction in cooling water temperature.

Supplemental cooling new


Cooling tower replacement and repair

When a cooling tower is to be repaired/replaced, water from the affected portion can be diverted from the primary cooling tower to Aggreko’s rental cooling towers, repairs can be performed without any interruption to plant productivity. The Aggreko cooling tower system can be sized equal to the amount of capacity that is being shut down for repairs or it may be possible to utilize less capacity if repairs are performed in cooler weather. Rental towers can be supplied to replace partial or the complete cooling capacity of the primary cooling tower.

Thermal Discharge Cooling


Thermal discharge cooling with rental cooling towers

Maintaining discharge temperature limits can be challenging during hot weather or droughts. This can be remedied by diverting a portion of the hot once through cooling water to Aggreko temporary cooling towers where the water is cooled. After the water is cooled it is redeposited into the discharge, mixed with the remaining water reducing the overall temperature to a level that is safe for the environment and allows the plant to run at maximum capacity without exceeding permitted discharge temperature limits.

Emergency Cooling


Emergency cooling with modular cooling towers

In the event of an unexpected loss of a cooling tower, Aggreko can supply a turn-key system, including pumps, piping, electrical distribution and generators to restore cooling capacity within days. The time required to respond to a cooling tower emergency can be reduced even further by working with Aggreko to develop a contingency plan.

Hurricane preparation and contingency plans

Protect your business from unexpected downtime when a hurricane hits and causes damage to your existing cooling towers. Aggreko can help your business by supplying modular rental cooling towers to keep your business running. Rental cooling towers are a great resource and a great way to quickly replace lost cooling capacity until the permanent cooling tower is repaired. Develop your contingency plan with Aggreko today.

Exchanger Isolation


Exchanger Isolation

Sometimes, the performance of an individual heat exchanger or group of heat exchangers may be limited by the cooling water flow rates or temperatures. Aggreko can provide relief to this problem by designing and installing a complete, temporary cooling system that will isolate it from the primary cooling system, and provide desired flow rates and temperatures required to restore optimum cooling efficiency.




An Air Cooled Heat Exchanger’s (ACHE) ability to provide cooling is limited by the ambient air temperature. Often peak temperatures of summer create conditions that make it impossible for ACHE’s to achieve the required cooling capacity. Aggreko can design and supply a cooling system that will pre-cool the air before it enters the ACHE, restoring temperatures that allow the ACHE to provide the desired performance. Air temperature reductions of 15 to 20 degrees are common with this solution.



Wastewater Cooling

The microorganisms used in the treatment of wastewater are at risk when water temperatures get too warm. Aggreko utilizes equipment that can be used to directly cool the waste water. The hot water can be sent directly to the specially equipped cooling towers, cooled and then redeposited in the tank/pond, creating an environment that allows the microorganisms to function as intended.

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