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power and temperature control for mechanical contractors

Mechanical Contractors

How we help:

  • Control environmental conditions, temperatures, and humidity at every stage of construction, HVAC maintenance, and mechanical contracting.
  • Get a complete cooling, heating, and dehumidification package from a single partner.
  • Conduct HVAC maintenance and repair with short-term backup systems. Increase occupant comfort with effective temperature control.
  • Accelerate interior finishes and site preparation with heating, cooling, and dehumidification.
  • Overcome emergencies due to weather or equipment failure.

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Power and HVAC for facilities management

Whether you’re managing temperature and humidity levels on a job site, ensuring the comfort of workers, or setting the proper conditions for complex construction processes, we support you at every stage of your projects

Support for every aspect of HVAC maintenance and construction

Whether you’re deploying heaters to keep contractors comfortable on your construction site, or need dependable HVAC during planned maintenance, Aggreko’s extensive portfolio of mobile, modular units is designed to keep you on time and on budget.”

From the earliest days of your mechanical contracting project, we’ll become proactive partners in creating the optimal conditions. Not just to satisfy proactive expectations, but also to complete critical, time-consuming tasks like rapidly-drying interior finishes.

Just tell us about your site, your project, and the challenges you’re facing, and we’ll do the rest.

Tailored support for mechanical contractors

In more than 100 countries, we’ve worked with mechanical contractors on projects of every shape and size. Whatever the scale of your project, trust Aggreko to deliver a bespoke solution, designed around your priorities and timeline.

Significantly, our expertise also encompasses every part of the process, from conditioning sites to providing backup coverage for HVAC maintenance.

Get complete cooling, heating, and dehumidification

Take control of environmental conditions with:

  • Modular rental equipment, anywhere you need it
  • Industrial cooling systems on any scale
  • Solutions for even the harshest weather conditions
  • Everything you need to keep workers comfortable and safe

Optimize your time-sensitive processes

Accelerate tasks like priming and coating with:

Emergencies made easy

When projects don’t go to plan:

“Great HVAC is at the heart of every environment – not just once it’s up and running, but right from the start of the planning and construction phase.”



Mechanical contractors

Solving your biggest mechanical contracting challenges

In part, Aggreko’s reputation is built on dependable equipment. From construction site heaters to industrial cooling systems, working with Aggreko guarantees robustness, resilience, and performance. But our customers also choose us for our applied expertise: the way we take major challenges and overcome them with intelligent, well-considered solutions. Whether you’re looking for new ways to reduce your costs, ideas on site preparation, or taking the next step on your Energy Transition, we’re here to help.

Experts in power and temperature solutions

No matter the project, our rental services will meet your needs

We provide a full range of rental equipment that includes: