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Aggreko Steel Mill Manufacturing

Steel Mill

Steel Yourself Against Any Challenge

Keeping Your Mill Operational and Profitable, Whatever the Future Brings

Steel mill conditions can be harsh for your team as well as for your infrastructure.  The risk of something breaking is high —and when it does, your costs from unplanned downtime rack up fast.

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Nerves of Steel

With so many issues at stake, you’re chasing your tail to keep up with gruelling maintenance schedules.

Falling behind increases the risk of surprise outages. But can you afford to switch off production for a turnaround?

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Where There’s a Mill, There’s a Way

With our range of cooling towers, chillersoil-free compressed air compressors, generators and more, you can tackle short and long term challenges without the headaches.

Improve key processes without buying permanent kit. Complete turnarounds without downtime. Steel yourself against emergencies.

With years of experience supporting steel mills like yours, our expert team knows exactly how to take the heat off your problem.

No Disruption, No Downtime, No Drama

Here are just some of the ways we can help at your steel mill:

  • Design a bespoke, right-sized installation to meet all your powercooling, and/or air quality control needs
  • Keep all operations at your steel mill running uninterrupted during maintenance shutdowns, turnarounds and upgrades
  • Help you improve and implement better processes
  • Provide cooling and power to support you through furnace and ladle relinings
  • Supply BOF and finishing mills with compressed air, system and quench water, as well as cooling towers and chillers
  • Create a contingency plan that kicks into action the moment disaster strikes
  • Respond to emergencies at your mill faster than anyone else in the business
  • Save you money with our streamlined solutions and fuel-efficient units
  • Monitor the performance of all our equipment round-the-clock, fixing problems before you even notice them

Our experienced engineers are here to help you keep cool under pressure —but why wait until disaster strikes? We can help you make your steel mill more productive, efficient and resilient today.

Throughout the project, Aggreko remained in control of the situation and the end result was very positive. Meeting our tight deadlines, they were able to supply us with high quality, reliable equipment and very responsive staff.

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We provide a full range of rental equipment that includes: