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HVO generator hire

HVO Generator Hire

Cut emissions, not performance with our HVO drop-in fuel

A global effort is imperative when it comes to sustainability and looking to lower emissions, little steps like switching to HVO fuel can make a big difference. HVO drop-in fuel gives you the power to cut harmful NOx emissions by up to 25% without cutting your generator’s performance. HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil and is a type of biodiesel. HVO is often referred to as renewable diesel, and can be used as a direct replacement, which is why it can be ‘dropped in’ to any of our fleet of diesel generators, with no special filters required. So not only does it lower emissions, but it saves on hassle too. If you're looking to stay ahead of the curve in the push for sustainability, HVO fuel should be one of the options you consider as part of your strategy. Clean, efficient, and demonstrably better for the environment, HVO fuel is an exciting step forward on the path to net zero.

Reduce NOx emissions by up to 25% and particulate matter up to 42% with HVO biodiesel

HVO drop-in fuel is more clean burning than standard diesel. In our independent tests, results proved that it can reduce NOx emissions by as much as 25% and particulate matter by up to 42%. 

So, whether you’re looking to take the first step towards net zero, working in a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) or maximizing your corporate social responsibility credentials, HVO generator hire can help.  

You can even cut downtime with remote fuel management

HVO drop-in fuel gives you all the simplicity and long storage life of diesel with fewer harmful emissions. You can also take advantage of our remote fuel management service, that makes refueling quick and cost-effective; meaning you should never need to worry about running out of fuel again. 

Let’s cut to the benefits of HVO generator hire:

  • Up to 90% reduction in CO2
  • Up to 25% less NOx emissions 
  • Up to 42% less particulate matter
  • Up to 24% lower carbon monoxide (CO) emissions
  • Powers our entire fleet of diesel generators
  • Quick and simple refueling with remote fuel management
  • Perfect for working in Low Emission Zones (LEZ) or on sustainable projects

See how we can fuel change in your business

Interested in our HVO generator hire? To see how HVO biodiesel drop-in fuel can power your generators while reducing harmful emissions, simply contact our team today.

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