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240 kW/120 kWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Rental

Designed to support a wide range of applications for tower cranes, our 240 kW battery energy storage system helps you reduce generator run time, decrease fuel consumption, and limit noise on site. As a result, you can use your battery energy storage to reduce emissions and costs at the same time. All with no CAPEX and a more flexible, efficient approach to power.

Data-driven energy storage
Our 240 kW battery storage systems are ready to install in record time. In addition to a built-in inverter, fire protection and HVAC, every battery energy storage system includes an application-specific controller. We make it easy to put data at the heart of how you manage your power, with clear visibility into consumption and performance, backed by our expert energy storage team.

Delivered Power 240 kW
Energy Capacity 120 kWh
AC Voltage Allowable Range +/- 10%
AC INPUT Voltage Range 480 V
AC Output, Voltage, Frequency 480 V
Length 118 in
Width 96 in
Height 114 in
Gross Weight (lbs) 13,500 lbs
Net Weight (lbs) 13,500 lbs


  • Intelligent onboard energy control module that communicates with your generator
  • Flexible maneuverability features including forklift pockets and 4-point lifting for ease of use
  • Designed and built to Aggreko’s uncompromising quality standards
  • Wide ambient temperature range
  • Built-in inverter, fire suppression & HVAC system
  • 30-minute charge time within the nominal temperature range
  • Designed for Tower Crane / Motor Start applications


  • Environmentally friendly, helps meet emissions regulations
  • Reduces fuel consumption and allows for cost savings
  • Significantly reduces environmental noise, ideal for projects where sound needs to be kept at a minimum
  • Enables management of variable loads by storing excess energy for later
  • Reduces generator run time
  • Plug-and-play deployment with fast installation, commissioning, and management
  • Backed by Aggreko's support, including remote monitoring, for uninterrupted operation

The Aggreko difference

Across all our battery energy storage systems, you’ll get the advantage of our extensive experience in energy storage for various applications. From events to complex applications like data centers and oil and gas, we’re committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint and make your operations more efficient.

Data-driven energy storage

Our solutions all deliver complete visibility into your energy consumption and performance.

Supported by remote monitoring

Trust our experts to help you adjust your load and maximize performance across your energy storage.

Flexibility as standard

Our energy storage solutions are designed for flexibility in operations and CAPEX avoidance.

Part of Aggreko’s Greener Upgrades initiative

Our 240 kW battery storage solution is part of Aggreko’s Greener Upgrades initiative – a way to help our customers make greener choices and meet their environmental responsibilities.

By investing in new technology, we’re enabling customers to make small shifts that significantly reduce regulated emissions like NOx, particulate matter, CO, and CO2. As a result, we can support global decarbonization, reduce the reputational and financial risk of fuel-intensive operations, and guide our customers through the Energy Transition.

Learn more about our energy storage solutions

From our modular 30 kVA, 60 kVA and 240 kW battery solutions to our comprehensive hybrid power solution, we’re ready to increase your resilience and flexibility anywhere in the world.

Learn more about our energy storage solutions and how we’re sharing our decade-long experience in energy storage.

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Units are shipped from hub locations. After the project is over, sets are immediately to be returned to the hub for maintenance, testing, and storage.