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Rental Power Generation - Large-Scale Natural Gas Generators

300 kW Natural Gas Generator Rental

Whether you’re planning for implementing backup power solutions, or moving away from diesel power solutions, this 300 kW natural gas generator is a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective solution.

Part of our industrial power range, a 300 kW natural gas generator rental gives you large-scale power that’s low on emissions, thanks to our optimized lean-burn engine technology. And with 24/7 remote monitoring, we’ll make sure your gas generator rental is always running at peak performance.

Rating 300kW
Min-Max Voltage 1 Ph @ 60 Hz 120-240V
Min-Max Voltage 3 Ph @ 60 Hz 208-480V
Min-Max Voltage 1 Ph @ 50 Hz 240V
Min-Max Voltage 3 Ph @ 50 Hz 380-415V
Fuel Type Natural Gas
Length (ft) 20
Width (ft) 9
Height (ft) 9
Gross Weight (lbs) 25795
Net Weight (lbs) 24913


  • 300 kW of power generation
  • Each natural gas generator is equipped with remote monitoring to aid in performance and reliability
  • Proven and time tested ‘Lean Burn’ gas engine technology
  • Ability to operate in extreme ambient temperatures
  • A single, fully-integrated advanced control system
  • Extended service intervals ensure high availability of equipment 
  • 24/7 Aggreko Remote Monitoring 


  • Low-emission natural gas generator rental options, proven to offer 40-45 percent savings compared to diesel.
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Low-exhaust gas emissions without using expensive after-treatment devices
  • Weather protected and sound attenuated package
  • Save-all containment base—prevents spillage of engine fluids
  • No special site preparation or foundations required 
  • Proactive monitoring by Aggreko’s Remote Operations Center (ROC) to ensure maximum uptime. Customer monitoring & notifications available through Aggreko’s ARM app and portal.