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Automated 3K hybrid power system

Hybrid 3K power system with integrated energy storage

Our comprehensive 3K hybrid power system combines a battery system with generators to unlock new levels of flexibility, agility, and resilience. Whenever demand for energy is low, an automatic power transfer switch changes your fuel source to battery storage. This makes it ideal for applications like powering lights and security systems overnight, without the need to run your generator. All from a single, easy-to-use battery storage system with no manual management required. As a result, you can automate the transfer of power from one energy source to another, reducing your fuel costs by as much as 75%.

Hybrid Power System 3K (HPS3K) battery unit

Rating 3K kWh 2.5 hours of a 3,000-watt load 12.5 hours of a 500-watt load
Voltage 120V/ 1 ph / 60Hz Power Inlet 480V/ 1 ph / 60Hz Generator
Height (ft) 3.08
Width 3.48
Length (ft) 4.49
Gross Weight (lbs) 1488.12
Lifting - Forklift Pockets Yes

Features of the hybrid power system 3K

  • Applications across the O&G industry 
  • Battery-powered energy storage system
  • 3,000 watt, 120 volt
  • 10-hour run time
  • Works with all generators
  • Solid state controls
  • Integrated forklift pockets
  • Automatic battery monitoring
  • Seamless transfer of power
  • An energy storage device that’s easy to set up and install


Applications of hybrid power systems in the oil & gas industry

  • Rod pump applications
  • Salt water disposal/dewatering
  • After-hours loads for job trailers, security systems, and job site lighting
  • Anywhere generators run at near no load for extended periods of time


Applications of hybrid power systems


While hybrid power systems are routinely used in the oil & gas industry, there are substantial benefits across a wide range of applications. Anywhere a generator runs at near no load for extended periods of time, you can increase efficiency and save costs with battery storage and a power switch.

What makes Aggreko hybrid power systems unique?

At Aggreko, we pride ourselves on our deep expertise in your industry, as well as the challenges you face, and the applications you need to succeed. Our hybrid battery storage systems can for a wide range of situations. Such as for events where minimal power is required overnight, data centers, and onshore petrochemical and oil refining.


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