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2000 sqft Heat Exchanger

Industrial Heat Exchangers available for your specific processes

2000 sqft Heat Exchangers - Heating and cooling streams in a process plant is a basic and essential process operation.For this reason, process plants contain potentially hundreds of heat exchangers.

Key Data

  1. Rating
    2000 sqft
  2. Pressure Range
    High Pressure

Physical Data

  1. Length (ft)
  2. Width (ft)
  3. Height (ft)
    6 8
  4. Gross Weight (lbs)
    21750 20350
  5. Net Weight (lbs)
    15600 14000


  • Large fleet of standard,  refinery-grade  Shell & Tube, Shell & Plate and Fin/Fan exchangers
  • Exchangers pressure tested after each use


  • Exchangers cover a wide range of applications  across many industries
  • Fast delivery and implementation
  • Experienced group of process engineers properly designs and ‘sizes’ the application
  • Certified cleaning procedures completed by 3rd party vendor

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