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Non-Potable Heat Exchanger

Rental Heating Equipment for Many Commercial or Industrial Applications

Plate Heat Exchanger for high-rise heating applications and for heating separate fluid supply

Key Data

  1. Electrical Rating
    230V, single phase, 60 Hz, 30A

Physical Data

  1. Length (ft)
  2. Width (ft)
  3. Height (ft)
  4. Weight (lbs.)
    500 lbs.


  • Can circulate heat transfer fluid up to 70 feet (20 m) above the central heating module's elevation utilizing our standard primary fluid lines. 


  • The plate heat exchanger, combined with a central heating module, is the perfect solution for delivering heat on a muti-storied project while still keeping the heat source at ground level.
  • Provides a fluid distribution system totally separate from the central heating module. 

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