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AG-6 600 Ton Cooling Tower

Modular and Heavy Industrial Rental Cooling Towers

AG-6 600 Ton Cooling Tower - The AG series cooling towers are a modualr cooling tower and are known as the workhorse of the rental cooling tower industry. They can be used independantly or interconnected with multiple AG series cooling towers to achieve any heat load. Each AG series cooling tower has a folding substructure and an access platform. The permanently attached substructure reduces installation time and can be adjusted to either 5 foot or 8 foot elevations. The access platform serves as an elevated walkway to the external sump and control panel. The thermal performance of the GT series cooling towers are  CTI Certified and are available in both standard duty and also in the HD version for those dirty water applications.

Nominal Capacity 600 tons
Nominal Water Flow 1800 GPM
Air Delivery Type Forced Draft
Fan Motor Size 6 x 7.5 horsepower
Fan Speed Control Optional
Full Load Amps 75 Amps
Volts/Phase/Hz 480/3/60
Inlet Connection Size (hot) 1 x 12" Flange
Outlet Connection Size (cold) 1 x 12" Flange
Main Breaker (amps) 2" FNPT
Height (ft) 11-0"
Width (ft) 12-0"
Length (ft) 22-0"
Substructure Height 5-0" / 8-0" / 14-0"
Shipping Weight 15000 lbs
Operating Weight 23880 lbs


  • Modular Design
  • Elevated Cold Water Basin
  • External Sump
  • Folding/Telescoping Substructure
  • CTI Certification


  • Multiple units can be interconnected to form a single cooling tower capable of achieving any capacity
  • The elevated cold water basin makes draining the cold water long distances without the need for additional pumps
  • Sump screens and float valves are accessible external of the tower
  • The substructure design makes installation safer and more efficient
  • CTI Certification ensures users  the thermal capacity capacity is properly represented