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1600 ft2 Food Grade Heat Exchanger

Food-Grade Heat Exchangers available for your specific processes. Our exchangers can be used for emergency, maintenance, seasonal projects, and process improvement purposes. And can also be paired with our rental chillers and cooling towers as part of a complete solution.

Rating 1600 ft2
Pressure Range Low Pressure
Length (ft) 12
Width 3
Weight 7
Gross Weight (lbs) 5992
Net Weight (lbs) 4311


  • Fully dedicated fleet for the food and beverage processes
  • Large fleet of heat exchangers
  • Exchangers pressure tested after each use


  • Experienced group of process engineers properly designs and ‘sizes’ the application
  • Certified cleaning procedures completed by 3rd party vendor
  • Fast delivery and implementation
  • Exchangers cover a wide range of applications across the food and beverage industry