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2000 sqft Heat Exchanger

Industrial Heat Exchangers available for your specific processes

2000 sqft Heat Exchangers - Heating and cooling streams in a process plant is a basic and essential process operation.For this reason, process plants contain potentially hundreds of heat exchangers.

Rating 2000 sqft
Pressure Range High Pressure
Length (ft) 18.2
Width (ft) 5
Height (ft) 68
Gross Weight (lbs) 21750 | 20350
Net Weight (lbs) 15600 | 14000


  • Large fleet of standard,  refinery-grade  Shell & Tube, Shell & Plate and Fin/Fan exchangers
  • Exchangers pressure tested after each use


  • Exchangers cover a wide range of applications  across many industries
  • Fast delivery and implementation
  • Experienced group of process engineers properly designs and ‘sizes’ the application
  • Certified cleaning procedures completed by 3rd party vendor