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5100 sqft Large Node Heat Exchanger

Our innovative large-node heat exchangers have a higher pressure and temperature rating, making them suitable for a wider range of applications. Each unit is equipped with a convenient adapter spool and galvanized skid for easy installation and transportation. The addition of stainless-steel cladding on the shell side enhances the performance of the heat exchangers in corrosive environments, particularly in low-temperature sour water applications.

Channel Chrome molybdenum alloy steel
Rating 5100 sqft Large Node Heat Exchanger
Shell Carbon steel w/ stainless steel cladding
Tubes Stainless steel
Shell side design pressure 400 psig
Shell side design temperature 650F
Tube side design pressure 715 psig
Tube side design temperature 800F


Sole rental company that has these large heat exchangers in their fleet

Simple design allows for an efficient installation and reduced safety hazard

Ideal for demanding applications with higher temperature and pressure ratings


Decreased overall project footprint

Lower overall cost due to fewer connections and piping