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6000 kVA Resistive/Reactive Load Bank

The rental of Aggreko's 6000 kVA Resistive/Reactive Load Bank delivers reliability and flexibility for load-testing a power system, preventing the risk of costly power failures and maximizing operational reassurance in a variety of applications.

Design Load Capacity (kVA) 6000 kVA
Rated Active Power 4010kW@400V 5770kW@480V
Rated Apparent Power (kVA) 5000kVA@400V/50Hz 6000kVA@480V/60Hz
Rated Power Factor (Cos Phi) 0.8
Noise level 88 dBA @ 3m
Length (ft) 20
Width (ft) 8
Height (ft) 8.6
Weight (lbs.) 37,500


  • 20-foot ISO containerized construction
  • Resistive Reactive load for variable power factor testing
  • Equipped with SIGMA control system
  • Vertical hot air discharge
  • Separate enclosures for control, switchgear and power connections prevent operational temperature changes and the ingress of direct and moisture


  • Enables testing in a variety of applications, including: testing lower power factor simulation, frequency converters or full electrical system integration, maintenance testing on equipment, commissioning newly-installed turbine or diesel generators.
  • Delivers testing precision and accuracy
  • Helps to prevent costly power failures