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Ultra-Low Emissions Generator Package for power generation & energy solution

Power generators Ultra Low Emissions Package

Aggreko’s Ultra-Low Emissions Power Generator Package can cut exhaust stream emissions by 99%

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Climate change and emission reduction are the greatest challenges we currently face, and with stricter air quality limits now imposed across a range of sectors, meeting your site’s energy needs is becoming increasingly challenging.

For larger projects, air quality regulations can restrict the amount of equipment you can bring on site, potentially even threatening the longevity of your operation.

That’s why our experts have developed our Ultra-Low Emissions Package, offering world-class emissions levels and significantly reduced environmental impact.

Our low-emission energy solutions combine a selective catalyst reducer (SCR) and oxidation catalyst to cut carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and hydrocarbon emissions by up to 99% – an incredible reduction that expedites the acquisition of air permits and allows you to bring more equipment on site.

Read our brochure to find out more about the package, including how we can reduce your NOx emissions to less than a tenth of those generated by the next best available technology on the market.

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Power generators Ultra Low Emissions Package


Emission levels less than 10% of the next best available energy solution on the market

Our Ultra-Low Emissions Package emission levels are certified to be less than 10% of those produced by the best reciprocating engine and turbine available on the market – and less than 1% of federal limits.

0.5 parts per million (0.01 g/bhp/hr*)
Catalyst setup will be determined based on customer emission targets. The results shown are based on utilizing a natural gas-fired generator completed with our lowest output catalyst setup. Numbers are guaranteed based on maintaining catalyst cleaning/replacement guidelines and proper operation of equipment.

Power generators Ultra Low Emissions Package

1300kW Ultra Low Emissions Package

Why choose Aggreko’s Ultra-Low Emissions Generator Package?

At Aggreko, we’re committed to helping our customers through the Energy Transition and to a safer, more sustainable future with fewer emissions. But we also understand the realities of power generation – and the importance of fit-for-purpose, high-performance power whenever you need it.

Our Ultra-Low Emissions Generator Package is purpose-built to achieve emissions reduction without compromising on power generation. Whether you need temporary power or an ongoing backup power supply, we deliver power generation that can stay the course, while helping you bring more equipment onto your site to maximize productivity and protect your bottom line.

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