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Mechanical Contractors

Cooling…heating…dehumidification. Just a few of the things you’re responsible for on your projects. From chiller change-outs and spot cooling, to maintaining the right ambient conditions for interior finishes, you need the right HVAC equipment to help you get the job done. From cooling, heating, or drying, we will ensure you’ve got the right climate on every project, keeping you ahead of schedule and under budget. And don’t forget the power and distribution to make it all operate!

  • Generators to power the site, from the job trailer to the tower cranes.
  • Distribution to bring power throughout your site.
  • Chillers, A/C, Heaters, and Dehumidifiers for precision climate control.
  • Hassle-free fuel storage and deliveries, so you’ll never run short.
  • Aggreko Remote Monitoring of your equipment, preventing any issues or down-time.

Aggreko has partnered with mechanical contractors to tackle everything from the mundane to the near impossible. We’ve helped keep skyscrapers cool and occupied in the Texas summers, we’ve dried out buildings after torrential storms, and we’ve pumped heat throughout construction sites in the dead of winter. No project is ever exactly the same, every site and building has its own shape and story. But you will always be expected to get the job done right the first time, every time. Our fleet of chillers, ACs, cooling towers, heaters, and dehumidifiers helps you keep the project moving through any unplanned emergency or scheduled maintenance. 

You can’t let a chiller change out or boiler repair stall your project. Hot summers and cold winters aren’t going anywhere, so bring in the HVAC equipment you need to keep the projects moving and the buildings occupied and operational. Set it and forget it with our turn-key offerings and ensure the project stays ahead of schedule and under budget.


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