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Protect your data, operations and assets with intelligently engineered solutions, available anywhere at a moment’s notice.

Use temporary off-grid power to bridge the gap between initial data center operations and connecting to the grid

Reduce CAPEX and increase profit by managing your energy and data center power costs

Get tailored cooling and dehumidification to safeguard operations in challenging environments and during data center maintenance

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Data centers operations, maintenance and upgrades

We help new and legacy data centers manage their total costs of operations, maintain business/service continuity, and protect their data and infrastructure assets during regular operations, maintenance and upgrades


“Uptime and continuity are key, but that’s just the beginning. We help data centers control their costs, work efficiently, and deliver to the highest possible standards.”

Supporting data center operations on any scale

Working with hyperscalers, colocation providers and contractors, Aggreko brings control and flexibility to every aspect of data center operations. Our modular equipment is designed to make optimizing your operations simple, supported by our unparalleled expertise.

Whether you’re replacing legacy equipment, rapidly growing to meet demand, or need rugged, reliable temperature and humidity control, we can deliver wherever and whenever you need us to.

Deliver quality for every stakeholder

From the pace of innovation to rising demand, data center operators are constantly evolving to meet new challenges.

Our industry-leading portfolio of dependable, scalable equipment includes power, dehumidification, cooling and more. And our deep industry knowledge means we can recommend the ideal way to unlock new efficiency - and big benefits.

How can I reduce data center costs?

Reduce your total costs of operations with:

  • Modular dehumidification
  • Flexible cooling and temperature control
  • Efficient power including gas generators
  • New ways to reduce your data center power costs

How do I maximize data center uptime?

Deliver consistently great service quality by:

  • Scaling your capacity, supported by scalable power/temperature control
  • Upgrading with confidence thanks to temporary power
  • Uncover potential risks faster with Aggreko Remote Monitoring

How can I protect my data center?

During upgrades or day-to-day operations, keep your critical equipment safe with:

  • Expertly designed cooling, matched to your environment
  • Effective dehumidification, even in the most challenging conditions

Remove the risk from data center maintenance and upgrades

Replacing legacy hardware is always challenging - not just racks and appliances, but also your core cooling and dehumidification equipment. With Aggreko, get temporary units that put temperature and humidity control wherever you need it.

We’ll work with you to design the optimal solution, drawing from our decades of experience in data center maintenance. So you can upgrade in a controlled, accurate way, stay operational, and keep your data and assets safe.

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Controlling data center power consumption

Data center power costs are notoriously high. If you can achieve even incremental savings on power, the impact can be huge.

With such a vast portfolio of best-in-class equipment - underpinned by world-class expertise - we’ll help you right-size your solution and keep costs down. And with gas-powered options available worldwide, we’ll support you on your journey to a more sustainable future, too.


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