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Manufacturing Industry Power Solutions

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“Our range of temporary rental equipment can help keep your business moving.”

Protecting Your Facility —and Your Bottom Line Manufacturing Experts to Tackle Any Challenge

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Seasonal changes in weather. Sudden surges in demand. A new line of products to test and commission.

A lack of access to the Grid. A downed power line. A flood.

Whatever your reason, there are times when your manufacturing facility can’t get the power, heating or cooling on-site that you need to excel.

What’s Holding You Back?

You don’t want to miss opportunities and no one can afford downtime. That means finding ways to maximize productivity. To work through planned maintenance. To get up and running within days or even hours of an emergency outage, no matter what the cause.

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Best-in-Class Equipment and Support

That’s where we come in. Our state-of-the-art range of cooling towers, air compressorsdehumidifiers, chillers, heaters, air conditioning units and industrial generators rental keep your production moving and your profits growing.

Our expert engineers bring decades of manufacturing experience to the table and they’re available 24/7/365. 

We even manufacture many of our own parts, so we know exactly what you’re going through… and how to fix it.

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No More Costly Downtime Thanks to our Power and Temperature Control Solutions

Here’s what we can do for you:
  • Respond to emergencies at your facility faster than anyone else in the business
  • Design a bespoke, right-sized installation to meet all your power, cooling, heating and/or dehumidification needs
  • Keep your operations running uninterrupted during planned shutdowns
  • Help you improve output at your facility
  • Create a contingency plan that kicks into action the moment disaster strikes
  • Save you money with our streamlined solutions and fuel-efficient units
  • Monitor the performance of all our equipment round-the-clock, fixing problems before you even notice them

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Don’t wait until your manufacturing facility is straining to fulfill important orders. Don’t wait until tomorrow when you could save money today.

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“Aggreko's efficiency in order of execution, delivery and service support is commendable and my sincere appreciation goes to Aggreko for its world-class products, services and people.”

Satheesh Veeraraghavan Assistant Manager ,
Amara Raja Batteries Limited

“The power package provided by Aggreko ensured that we had the power we needed to meet our production targets. We have been very pleased by both the professionalism and skill of the Aggreko team.”

Abdo Nemer General Manager ,
Union Cement Company

“We reached out to Aggreko without hesitation due to their reputation for providing power with speed and agility. We also needed a provider who could be flexible, due to the uncertain timing of the repairs. Aggreko proved to be a reliable and adaptable power provider, addressing our rather urgent needs seamlessly, and ensuring our business could continue without interruption."

Chetan Elkunchwar Technical Director ,
Ras Al Khaimah Co. for White Cement, UAE

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