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Aggreko Loadbanks in Oman

Construction, Commissioning and Installation


Construction & Commissioning – onshore

Ensuring your project stays on track during the construction, installation and commissioning phases is critical to meeting project milestones, delivery times and more importantly staying within budget.

Having reliable power during the construction phase of your project is just one factor that can help you stay on track. As construction sites are often in remote areas with poor or no grid available, finding a reliable partner to take care of the power aspect is key to your project delivery success.

We can work with you to fully understand the scope of your construction and commissioning needs and engineer a bespoke solution that best matches your need.

Whether it’s small or medium sized mobile generators that can be moved around the site to power construction or energise different areas of the plant during commissioning or a centralised power plant with a micro-grid distributing low voltage power to ‘plug and play’ connection points. This can reduce redundancy, low loading of generators and your overall fuel consumption. It could also help you reduce your emissions. As power specialists Aggreko have delivered over 60 large projects of this nature in the last 2 years and we have a solution for your every need.

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Load Testing

We also offer load testing of your permanent or emergency power generation, as well as transformers and switchgear. Whether its newly installed or refurbished Gas Turbines, load testing is a key step we can support to help you ensure they are operating to your set design parameters. Our operators will work together with you to design a load test, run the test, and provide you with the data you need showing the performance of the equipment.

We have a wide range of load banks and have experience in providing load banks as supplementary load for Gas Turbine in early phases of production until sufficient load is available on the site.


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