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Reactor Cooling


Reactor cooling is challenging - but not for Aggreko

High temperatures in the refining production phase mean that reducing these temperatures for maintenance is time consuming and costly. For catalyst reactor maintenance during a Turnaround, the problem is clear, too long with a lower temperature means the risk of bottlenecks and monetary loss.

Our patented reactor catalyst cooling process drastically reduces the chilling time by 12 to 24 hours faster than the standard industry practice of using liquid nitrogen - a costly and dangerous product.

Our pioneering approach removes the traditional preconception of sky-high cost and complex logistics. 

Complex, Not Impossible

An engineered solution with expert planning is where Aggreko Process Services (APS) step in and deliver measurable results backed by a successful track record.

Our approach involves installing heat exchangers which circulate coolant through a closed-loop, mechanical refrigeration system. By cooling the gas that circulates through the reactor's catalyst, a faster result is achieved compared to traditional methods such as using liquefied nitrogen.

Once cooled, the reactor vessel can then be added back into the production loop, allowing the plant to get back online much more quickly, all as one unit.

Our expertise in reactor cooling means that specialism is key. Getting your unit ready for maintenance via bespoke planning, dedicated expertise and years of proven experience is something you won't find elsewhere.

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Read our whitepaper 'Eliminating catalyst cool down as critical path in a Turnaround'  

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